Two main areas of focus for me are an investigation into the limits of printmaking and the obsessive drawing and filling of sketchbooks that catalogue the world around me.

The inspiration for the work on show comes from my love of walking in the Peak District, tumbling into rural towns and villages, climbing Kinder Scout, camping at farms, listening the silence of the valley, the noise the wind and the trickling of water.

Many of my prints are built using a lengthy process of building up layers using a range of different printmaking techniques including solar etchings, collagraphs, monoprints and stencils. There is an element of mystery, of nearly hidden things; you must take a moment and really look.

For my solo exhibition at Deda, Derby, I included a series of blind embossed (printing without using ink) images that show off the wonderful textures on the plates from which they were created.

Charlotte Salomon’s ‘Life or Theatre?’ in which the text and pictures are read like a diary, ‘The Diary of Frida Kahlo’ and my training as an illustrator have all played an active role in influencing my work, particularly the narrative and sequential elements.  Other major influences are Charles Shearer, a printmaker and illustrator from the Orkney Islands, David Hockney and Elizabeth Blackadder.